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We source candidates in our client pool and refer the qualified ones for your specific internship roles.


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Diversity Students


Our candidates are students or new graduates from top US colleges, including Harvard, Columbia, UCLA, Emory and many more.

Enjoying the Nature


Instead of have you searching talents everywhere and conducting numerous screening interviews, we do the chores and only bring qualified candidates for your specific positions.



We appreciate that host companies devote plenty of time, capital and resources on our interns’ success, so we will compensate you for each internship hosting.


What is typical background of ­­intern candidates?

They are current students or recent graduates from top US colleges, such as  Columbia University, UCLA, UCB and NYU , with stunning academic performance. Their majors are widely across business, engineering science, public affairs and humanities.

Do I have to pay InternPi any fees?

No. As internship host company, you don’t have to pay us any fees. Instead, we will compensate you for each internship hosting.

What is my responsibility during internship?

What is my responsibility during internship? Just like how you normally treat interns: give guidance to their assignments, evaluate their performance periodically and provide constructive feedback.

How long to find an intern for my company?

The process takes about one month to screen interns, introduce you to qualified candidates and conduct interviews. If there is no fit candidate right away, we will get back to you whenever we have new clients with qualified background.

How long are internships?

Employers usually accommodate 2-3 month onsite or remote internships. It is up to employers to determine the length of internship based on their business needs, and it could be as short as one month and as long as one year.

Do I have to pay interns salary?

Employers can provide either paid or unpaid positions, and we will match qualified candidates accordingly.