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George H.

Princeton University, BA

 After searching tirelessly for an internship that fit my interests, I came across an opportunity with InternPi that placed me in an ideal role, allowing me to utilize my skills to work on real, meaningful projects. I've been thoroughly impressed with my experience and extremely happy with what I've been able to learn during my internship. I'm confident the professional and technical skills I've acquired will help me in my future job search and I highly recommend using InternPi for anyone looking to gain experience. 

Top-notch internships

Only the internships adding value to long-term career success would be selected into our program.

No trifles, no legwork. All that you do benefit you in future. 

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Pay only when satisfied with offer

 If you withdraw from the application, don’t receive offer or not happy with it, deposit will be refunded in full amount with no question.



Who are the internship employers?

They are our partners selected by high standard criteria to provide intensive learning experience to our clients. They are mostly small-size companies across US.

How long to land an internship?

It usually takes 15-30 days to go through the whole process from applying to receiving an offer.

Is it possible to get a return offer?

It varies for each company. In general, it is possible that employers provide return offer to an intern after


internship if they are impressed by his/her performance and they have opening, but it is not within InternPi’s service outreach.

Are the internships paid?

Most majority are unpaid internships and they are stated in each internship job posting.

Who pays the internship placement fees?

It is the intern candidate, not the employer, who pays the placement fees of 3400 USD.

Why do I have to pay deposit if offer is not guaranteed?

With so few internship opportunities, we are only able to refer qualified candidates who are committed to our service by paying a small amount of deposit upfront.


If candidates don’t receive an offer to their satisfaction in the end, deposit will be refunded in full amount.

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